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Copies at Carson, Inc.
1315 East Carson St.
Pittsburgh PA 15203
Phone: 412.481.4875
Fax: 412.481.4890


The Product

Okay, in case you haven’t got it by now, we are up for printing, cutting, binding, mounting, laminating, drilling, perforating, gluing or scoring almost anything. (Almost.) But if you need a list...

Digital Printing - Presentations, Business Cards, Stationary, Postcards to name a few. And tons of paper to choose from.

Document Binding - Spiral, Tape, Wire, Comb and Perfect Binding. Perfect!

Poster and Banner Printing - Choose from all the colors in the rainbow, as long as they are in a Pantone Color Matching System book.

Indoor/Outdoor Vinyl Banners - In a variety of materials. Oh, did we mention that we’ll grommet anything too!

Specialty Displays - Adhesive Wall Murals, Backlit Film, Floor Talkers (Call Alan. He’s love to explain what a floor talker is.)

Trade Show Displays & Pop-Up Banners

Blue Print Copies & Engineering Plots

Self Serve - We outfitted our self service area with PC and Mac design stations, DIY scanners, black and white and color printing, self serve copiers, pens, glue sticks and enough paper clilps to build a Ferrari. Knock your self out! (House Rule No. 1: If you build a Ferrari out of our paper clips, we keep the Ferrari.)
From self-serve to full service, Copies at Carson, Inc. is the only resource you need for all your personal and business document solutions. Featuring the latest technology, coupled with personal service, you'll be certain of award winning presentations, beautiful brochures and colorful creations.

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